PsychEd is a psychiatry podcast created by medical learners, for medical learners.


We’re a team of psychiatry residents that have come together to create a mental health educational podcast because we saw a need for something catered to our specialty at our training level.

In each episode, we pick a common psychiatric condition and talk about its diagnosis or management with a staff member from the Department of Psychiatry. Our idea originated at the University of Toronto, Ontario, Canada, and we hope to make this a widespread initiative.

Whether you’re sitting on a subway or jogging on a treadmill, you can learn about various psychiatric conditions on the go, brought to you by PsychEd.

Interested? Have a listen!


Team Members

Lucy Chen

Lucy is a fourth-year psychiatry resident at CAMH with career interests that include psychodynamic & narrative therapy, child & adolescent psychiatry, as well as acute care in the forensic and inpatient setting. This sort of reflects her eclectic range of activities/interests outside of psychiatry which include comedy, writing, sci-fi themed board games, obstacle racing and interpreting rap lyrics & poetry. She likes working with ambiguity, solving complex problems, finding ways to communicate meta concepts, and learning. Podcasts are her jam.

Yunlin Xue

Yunlin is a soon to be first-year resident at the University of Toronto. She completed her Bachelor of Science at McGill University, majoring in Anatomy and cell biology. After deciding she's actually more interested in looking into the mind rather than the body, she adopted a keen interest in psychiatry. She's still exploring subspecialties, but finds forensic psychiatry and personality disorders most fascinating. 

Fun facts about her include having a sweet tooth, finding everything amusing, and getting mild anxiety when asked to list a fun fact.

Jordan Bawks

Jordan is a third-year resident at the University of Toronto. He is also a big nerd who takes life way too seriously and everything else not seriously enough. His psychiatric interests are fairly general, but you can definitely get him riled up on bipolar spectrum, cancer psychiatry, psychedelic medicine, therapeutic communication and the philosophy of psychiatry.

If you feed him caffeine, prepare to hear him diatribe about basically anything and drop his pen 10 times a minute as it twirls frantically in his fingers. His hobbies include compulsive book collecting, procrastinating on extra curricular activities, attempting to heal narcissistic injuries in the gym and enthusiastically losing games of squash and chess.

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Sarah Hanafi

Sarah is a first-year resident in Psychiatry at McGill University. She completed her MD at the University of Alberta, after obtaining a BSc from McGill University. She grew up in Fort McMurray and Edmonton, Alberta - but tries to fool everyone into thinking she’s a native Montrealer. Between medical education and leadership, Transcultural psychiatry, and Neuropsychiatry Sarah doesn’t get easily bored. When she’s not strolling the hospital wards, she spends her time engaged in advocacy work, wielding her pen and scouting Montreal’s famed indie cafes.


Alex Raben

Alex is a fourth-year resident in psychiatry at the University of Toronto. He would like to practice in the area of chronic care and ACT psychiatry. Alex is interested in medical education, leadership and surprise, surprise, podcasts. Despite his boring facade, he can occasionally be found having fun running on trails or competing intensely at a board game night. He also loves to hear from listeners! Email him at

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Bruce Fage

Bruce is a fifth-year psychiatry resident at the University of Toronto. After residency, he is excited to start his career at the Center for Addiction and Mental Health, working within acute care and general psychiatry. Bruce is passionate about medical politics and health systems, working to develop models of care that meet the needs of the people we serve. Outside of clinical work, Bruce enjoys reading, writing, hiking and biking. 

Past members

Carrol Zhou

Carrol Zhou

Kara Dempster

Lu Gao